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Trials and Tribulations in the Kitchen

Raise your hand if you've ever had an epic kitchen 'fail' or spent hours on a meal only to have it taste 'not quite right.' I know you can't see it through the screen, but I've got both of my hands sky high.

Over the years, I've overcooked, undercooked, created food 'blobs' (see the featured image for this post), made things chewy when they should have been crispy and produced biscuits that could be used as hockey pucks. Sometimes this has happened when I'm following a recipe, others when I'm just experimenting. I've also been flummoxed by dishes that have been in my rotation for years.

While I do get a bit frustrated that things didn't turn out how I wanted (I'm a long-time perfectionist...Lol), my mind immediately goes to work figuring out how to possibly make it better the next time. Adjusting ingredient proportions, changing cooking times or slowing things down during the prep...these are just some of the remedies that I've used to get a dish 'back on track.'  

My second and third tries at homemade biscotti - successful chocolate and almond (top) and an even better lemon and hazelnut (bottom).

The biggest thing I can recommend out of all of this is not to get discouraged or give-up. If something doesn't quite go right, take a step back, take a breath and then give yourself some time to think about what you might want to change...put on your "kitchen experimentation hat." Why not get your family and friends involved in the process by asking for their thoughts or keep an eye open when watching a cooking show to pick-up a technique or tip that you can use for your own dish?

Most importantly though, cooking should be fun...and food should bring us together!  

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