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DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (July-August 2018 Edition)

Ok. So, I just realized that it's September already and I haven't yet shared my food adventures from July and August....

East Meets (Mid)West Marinade [Recipe]

  ¼ cup Low Sodium Soy Sauce 1/8 cup Sesame Oil 1 Tbl Union Street Seasoning  Place the protein (e.g., chicken, po...

DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (April 2018 Edition)

I could have easily titled this post, "The Tale of The Two Aprils" because that's what it was...half the days of the ...

"Don't Double Dip on This Dip...Dip" [Recipe]

1 Tbl Mather Lane for every 8 oz Sour Cream Mix Mather Lane into the sour cream in a bowl or serving dish until ...

DVanB’s Sweet and Spicy Pecans [Recipe]

2 cups Pecan Halves ½ cup Light Agave Nectar 1 Tbl Union Street Seasoning Pre-heat oven to 275°F. Apply non-stic...
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