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On the Road to...Vermont

My early autumn trip to Vermont to spend time with my dad and stepmom has become a much-cherished annual event. Not only does it allow me to reconnect with memories from my childhood and make new ones as an adult; most importantly, the trip gives me the chance to embrace a slower pace of life and spend quality time with my family. This year's trip was no exception!

Fall foliage and blue sky

A beautiful sight - a gorgeous autumn day in Vermont, with the leaves just beginning to change.

Photo collage of glass of beer and pizza

Enjoying a locally crafted milk stout and pizza at the Hired Hand Brewing Co. in Vergennes.

Dinner cooking on a stove

Getting the chance to cook dinner for everyone! Made steak tips, roasted sprouts and rice. 

Licorice candy pipe

The vividness of happy memories from youth was relived by a visit to the Shelburne Country Store and the "imperative need" to buy some red licorice candy pipes. 

Plate of barbecue and sides, with a glass of beer

After a four-year absence, I was able to make a return trip to Bluebird Barbecue in Burlington.  

Sunset over the mountains

Rounding off this year's trip with a gorgeous sunset over the mountains, dinner with family and a night of stargazing!

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