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On the Road to...New York City

Another month, another trip to a place I hadn't been in several years...New York City. The reason for the first visit to the Summer Fancy Food Show (SFFS) organized by the Specialty Food Association (!

I was attending for a couple of reasons - it was my first in-depth foray into the food industry, I wanted to investigate options for some new products I'm considering and I had heard that it was a food extravaganza (that was an understatement). In my previous career I had been to plenty of tradeshows, including one or two that were absolutely massive, but I don't think they quite prepared me for the SFFS. There were several thousand exhibitors from all over the world displaying, introducing and sampling their products - from lifestyle focused offerings and leading-edge trends to tried-and-true classics, and almost every type of food and drink imaginable (endless wheels of cheese, gallons of beverages and more legs of cured ham than you could shake a stick at).

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't overwhelmed by the experience at first, both in terms of the scale of the event and the information I was gaining, but it ended up being a memorable and valuable experience. I made some contacts, saw lots of cool things, learned more about the industry and grazed on a nearly-inexhaustible supply of delicious treats; and I only tried a small fraction of what was available.  And who knows, maybe in the next year or so, you'll find DVanB Foods exhibiting there too... 

Selfie of man in front of an exhibit opening

Of course, it being New York, I had to eat out! My weekend's dining adventures included an old favorite and some new exploration...

Assorted Brazilian food

The Brazilian drink, Caipirinha

I met up with a dear friend on a special day of remembrance for us both, as we dined on some authentic Brazilian cuisine. I enjoyed both the Feijoada (a stew) and the Caipirinha very much!

Sloppy joe sandwich, fries and a glass of wine

Enjoying a sloppy joe at a place that means a lot to me.

  Burger, fries and a beer

Rounding off my last night, with a burger and loaded fries, at one of the best rated burger joints in the City.

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