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On the Road to...Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

The weekend before Memorial Day, I had the opportunity to go back to my adopted/second hometown of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. For those members of the DVanB Foods family, you'll know the importance and role that my life there means to me. Even though trip was a jumble of both sad and happy moments, I was glad I made the journey. Yes, many things had changed; but, there were others that stayed the same, especially the ability to buy, eat and enjoy foods that are deeply rooted in me and my life. 

corned beef sandwich

Getting ready to wolf-down a mile-high, extra lean corned beef sandwich from Slyman's...a Cleveland institution.

breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, toast

Welcome to the "Killit Skillet" from Yours Truly. It brings back memories of hanging out with my high school buddies.

assortment of food items, pie, mustards, coffee, bread, rice

And the assortment of treats, goodies, hard-to-find items and Northeast Ohio-specialties that came home with me!


Are there special foods, treats, delicacies and/or restaurants that are on your "must-" list when you travel and/or visit family or home?

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