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DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (October 2018 Edition)

I'm sure that most of us would agree that when you think of the prototypical "autumn" month, it's October that comes to mind. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are turning colder and our appetites migrate towards heartier, richer and more filling dishes. My gastronomic highlights from last month reflect this...

Plate with steak, vegetables and sauce

Getting ready to enjoy the entree portion of my three-course autumn meal at Season's 52 in Tysons.

Steak sandwich, cut open to show interior

 A homemade steak (flat iron) sandwich with cheese and peppery arugula!

Plate of scrambled eggs and a glass of wine

One of the benefits of being a grown-up...being able to eat "breakfast" (in this case, my much-liked scrambled eggs) for dinner, paired with a glass of wine. 

Pot roast with vegetables

The return of cold weather means the return of my cold weather cooking repertoire...and kicking things off with a pot roast.

To find out about my early-October Vermont trip, and culinary adventures in the Green Mountain State, check out the separate post here.

And now, on to the holidays, as we gather together to enjoy good times and good food!! 

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