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DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (May 2018 Edition)

As predicted at the end of my April post, May was most definitely a return to outdoor cooking, as my grill, and to a lesser extent, my smoker, got lots of use! Being outside, in nice weather, brought many smiles and moments of happiness. There was also the joy of having fewer dishes to clean (lol) afterwards, especially with the grill. 

In addition, I took a trip back to my adopted/second hometown of Cleveland, which generated it's own fun gastronomic highlights and food adventures.

smoked turkey wings

Starting off the month with some smoked turkey wings. 

chicken thighs and green beans on a grill

 I'm getting great use out of my grilling basket...this time cooking up some hericot verts to accompany that night's chicken thighs.

hamburger with bacon and melted cheese on top

I surprised my brother, sister-in-law and good friend when I ordered the plant-based, Impossible Burger, from Michael Symon's B-Spot back in Cleveland.*

steak and an ear of corn on the grill

 Grilled simplicity...steak and corn on-the-cob.

pork chops and a baked potato wrapped in aluminum foil

Rounding off the month with a double helping of thick-cut pork chops and a "jacket potato." 

Onward we go into June, with hopes for summer, sun and fun!! 

* - Be sure to check on the "On the Road to...Cleveland and Northeast Ohio" for more culinary highlights of my recent trip.
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