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DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (March 2018 Edition)

March...the first month of spring. The big challenge was that March here in Northern Virginia felt much more like the middle of winter than the start of spring. While there were one or two pleasant weather days for outdoor cooking, the rest of the month made me hanker for hearty, comfort foods that I could make indoors.

Baked chicken drumsticks

 Chicken glazed with some "imported" Alabama white barbecue sauce.

Biscotti on a baking sheet

 Baked up a batch of my lemon-pistachio biscotti for the coworkers...I think they liked them!

Baked salmon with vegetables and a slice of lemon

 One of my favorite ways to enjoy salmon, steamed in paper with vegetables.

Brunch food

Enjoyed a delightful and copious Turkish brunch with friends. 

Lamb chop on a grill

 Yes...there was a nice weather day in March and I took advantage of it with some lamb shoulder chops!

 A pot filled with beef ribs and vegetables

More of a January dish than one for the end of March, but nonetheless, these were delicious braised beef short ribs.


Here's hoping that April brings with it better weather and more chances to cook and enjoy being outdoors...

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