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DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (June 2018 Edition)

Ah June, that wonderful transition month from spring to summer, when thoughts turn to free time, being outdoors and celebrating the plethora of food holidays which arrive this season...

Photo collage showing progression from raw meat to a cooked patty melt sandwich

Making patty melts from scratch. The last time I remember grinding meat at home was with my grandma, over 30 years ago.

Cooked rack of pork ribs

 The weather wasn't all sunshine and blue skies, so on those inclement days when you want to cook ribs, you improvise!

Cooked chicken, mini potatoes and a glass of wine

Many an evening dinner in June was spent with the back screen door in place, catching the breeze and listening to the world go by.

Photo collage showing raw beef brisket to the finished product

 I would say, hands-down, that this was the best brisket I've cooked yet!

Photo collage showing the making of onion rings

Why yes...June does include National Onion Ring Day. How did you guess?

And on to July we saunter! Be sure to keep an eye open for my trip blog of my adventure to NYC on the weekend before July 4th.

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