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DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (December 2018 Edition)

The holidays are my favorite time of year and, my favorite time to be in the kitchen! After a much more subdued season last year, I kind of went "full tilt" on my cooking this year, doing both the traditional full Christmas dinner as well as an unexpected baking extravaganza...

Cooked, seasoned duck leg

Test #3 of one of my new seasoning formulations - this time on a duck leg.

Sandwich and fries

 A pre-holiday get-together with friends at Founding Farmers in Reston, VA.

Collage of dessert photos

Some of the results of my baking extravaganza, making a variety of tasty treats that paid homage to my family and Mrs. DVanB, including a couple of creations of my own.

Christmas dinner setting

 It may have been just me, but that didn't stop me from cooking up the full, family-tradition Christmas dinner.

Pork chops on a plate

 Rounded off the month, and the year, with some perfectly cooked oven-baked pork chops.

I hope that your holidays were filled with love, joy, happiness, family, friendship and good food! 2019, here we come... 

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