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DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (December 2017 Edition)

December saw a move towards regaining a sense of balance in my life, as the month was spent enjoying meals spent with family and friends, cooking tried-and-true dishes and trying new other words, food giving and enhancing happiness.

Onion volcano on a hibachi grill

The only thing that made the annual hibachi tradition better than the onion volcano, was the chance to enjoy it with friends!



Making my first steamed pudding, with orange and blueberry.


Steak and succotash

What's better than a steak and a side of veg...


Marinated whole chicken

Testing out a new marinade recipe made with one of the seasoning blends.


Dinner table with food

The Christmas Feast, complete with homemade tamales, made by my family!


Meatloaf mashed potatoes green beans

Seared barbecue meatloaf at one of my favorite restaurants.


Cooked bacon

I celebrated National Bacon Day as one should, with a large pile of bacon!


Ok, 2018...let's see what you have in store for us!

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