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DVanB's Monthly Gastronomic Highlights (July-August 2018 Edition)

Ok. So, I just realized that it's September already and I haven't yet shared my food adventures from July and August. I think it's time that I resolve that matter right now. Lol.


More fun with Steamed Cakes! Made a "Firecracker" one for some friends on the 4th of July.

Cooked Pork Loin

A mustard-crusted pork loin...delicious in the summer; should be even better as a cold-weather meal.

Farmers Market Booth 

Our first of what should be many farmer's market outings. It was wonderful to meet the other vendors and to interact directly with the customers!

Bottle of Scotch Whisky

Celebrating National Scotch Day by opening a vintage bottle I found among some family items.

 Bowl of Mustard Barbecue Sauce

Crafting a test batch of a possible mustard-based barbecue sauce.

Rice with corn and herbs

I had wanted to try this combination for several years - fresh corn and fresh herb risotto. I think it was a winner!

 Fish and zucchini on a grill

Fired-up the grill to do some cedar-planked fish and zucchini.

Pot of rice, beans and sausage

A Louisiana-inspired meld of rice, beans and fresh andouille. 

And just like that, we find ourselves at the end of summer. Farewell, Friend...we look forward to meeting up with you again next year! 

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