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A Tribute to Mrs. DVanB

Earlier this summer, I lost the love of my life and the single person most responsible for encouraging, supporting and urging me to undertake this culinary business wife, Amy (aka, Mrs. DVanB). I consider myself a truly fortunate person to have been her husband, friend and partner.

Man and woman smiling.

Amy's most favorite 'role' for DVanB Foods was as the official taste-tester for all my recipes, experiments, successes and failures. She always gave me good feedback and let me know when something worked, and when it didn't. Mrs. DVanB also helped broaden my gastronomic palette and was always up for us trying a new restaurant or even visiting one of our tried-and-true favorites.

Woman eating turkey leg

And more times than I care to count, whenever I felt discouraged and overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to start this business or faced some new challenge, Amy was there to settle my nerves, give me a hug and say the right thing to get me back on track.

Man and woman toasting with glasses

As I look to the road ahead of me, I know that Amy will be by my side in the kitchen, at the dining table or in the office. I Love You, Mrs. DVanB!!

Woman drinking milkshake

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  • here here!

  • Amazing woman, with great taste, and a keen eye for quality.


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